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Spirits of the Earth is an original medieval high fantasy role-playing game set in a large and diverse world, focusing primarily on the lively continent of Le'raana.

Here you will find exotic city-states and thriving kingdoms, miles of untamed wilderness to explore and untold adventures to discover. It is a world where magic runs wild even while some try to tame it, where humans brush shoulders with fae and shifters and dragons alike, and where old ways are forever at odds with new.

Here gather the highborn and low, the fettered and free, the innocent and corrupt, to tell their stories...

Since its creation on December 13, 2000, SotE has always been a community for writers, readers, artists, and anyone who just wants to have fun and lose themselves in a fantasy world for a while. Itís a game that values interesting characters, engaging plots, OOC respect for other players, and a universal acceptance of players of all skill levels. The focus is on story telling and the development characters and plots; there are no statistics or dice involved. There is no winning or losing at this game, but it is about having free reign of your creativity, trying new things, and most importantly having fun!

What does this mean? It means that any plot goes, the skyís the limit, and you are totally free to join any original character of any species, including those you have created.

The world itself is in a constant state of change and is always expanding. SotE is a game with a focus on world-building, and new locations are always being created; many have been created by the players themselves. It's a massive world, but don't worry; with our friendly members and welcoming community, it's impossible to get lost!