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Playing an official leader is a lot of fun, but since it also comes with extra responsibility to the site and to your fellow members, there are a few points to consider for players who would like to play a character of this type.
  • The player should be active. This means they should be a presence on the site, in character or out of character, and be easy to contact.

  • The player should have been regularly active on the site for at least one year before they consider applying for such a position.

  • The player should have an interest in other threads going on in their leader's area, have an idea of what big plots are going down in that area and which players are involved.

  • The player should enjoy leading the occasional plot for their leader's area.

  • Since leaders are important to an area, the player should be diligent in informing the board of any extended absences or hiatuses. It's polite to do this anyway, but when playing a leader it's extra important!

  • And finally, those who would like to play a leader should have a firm understanding of site lore, especially that of their leader's nation.

If any of these seem daunting or you're unsure if you would enjoy playing a leader, you can always test it out by creating a faction or group, playing the leader and inviting other members to participate. As there are no activity requirements associated with this save those you set for yourself, it's a great way to test the waters and see if playing a leader is right for you!
If there is an open leadership position you'd like to make a character for, go ahead and PM one of the staff members, or get with them over Discord. This isn't formal at all! It'll just be a chat where you can run your character idea by us and we can make sure you know what we'll expect in terms of activity and participation. Basically, we just need to make sure you've played in the area before, have a character in mind that fits with the setting, and have a good grasp on the extra responsibilities that come with playing a leader.

We do not put holds on leadership positions.