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Group Threads (threads with three or more players) are awesome! They're a great way for groups of characters to interact and tons of fun events and plots can spawn from them.

However, they are also as challenging as they are fun because they rely upon the full participation of all members. Many group threads die and stagnate due to a single player holding them up. You don't want to be that player!

With that in mind, here is how group threads work on SotE.

  • There is no posting order!
That's right! By default, there is no posting order in group threads. It's a free-for-all; post when you want! If a character is talking directly to yours, there is no need to wait on everyone else to post first before you can have your character respond. If you feel your character would have responded to something, post! Don't wait on anyone else.
Of course, there is also common courtesy. If you and another player are online and everyone else is offline, it's a little rude to plow ahead five pages without giving anyone a chance to post. Still, the main point I must stress here is don't wait on other people. If you are skipped, it is your responsibility to catch up, so make an effort to prioritize group threads since there are more people waiting on you.
If you do start to feel left behind and feel like you need a moment to catch up, it's your responsibility to let the people in your thread know that so that they can pause to let you. Again, the emphasis here is personal responsibility. It's your responsibility to keep up, and it's your responsibility to let others know when you need help.
That said, while group threads are, by default, set to free-for-all, if you are starting a group thread and would like it to have a posting order, that is for you and your thread partners to work out. You can create one in your threads if you like! However, be aware that if you don't create one, then the default is no posting order at all.

  • Limit your actions!
Don't try and do too much in your posts. Limit your actions and dialogue! It makes it easier for everyone else to respond when your character isn't doing five things in each post.

  • Don't try to respond to everyone.
Seriously. Don't try. For the love of everyone's sanity, please don't. Trying to respond to everything will only lead to pain and difficulty.
Think about how group interactions work in real life; think about every gathering you've ever been to. Do you talk to everyone all at once? Do you react to every single thing one of those people does? No! That would be utterly impossible! People tend to talk to one or two people at a given time, often alternating and switching up who they're interacting with. Sometimes you're not even saying anything at all; instead, you're listening and watching, or maybe getting up to go get a refill on your soda.
And no one, and I do mean no one, carries on a conversation by responding to every line of dialogue someone has said, in perfect order.
Respond to what is relevant to your character and let the rest go. Your character doesn't need to react to everything. That'll just make for a nonsensical group interaction.