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Matlal is an ancient city located deep within the Kishahn jungle. It is the heart of the small kingdom of Citialin, which consists of Matlal and the three small villages that surround it. The kingdom is ruled by Charik, the naga god-king of the land. The surrounding three villages are governed by his younger siblings (Izta, Kisa, and Chimalli), two sisters and a brother who are viewed as lesser gods.

While called a kingdom, it's all really quite tiny and has no contact with the rest of the world.


Because of the jungle's humidity, the people of Citialin dress sparsely. They favor brightly dyed fabrics in hues of red, yellow, and blue.

The Palace

Charik's palace is located on the outer edge of Matlal, half-hidden by the jungle. In ancient times it was a temple used for various religious ceremonies, but it was abandoned centuries ago. Several generations prior to Charik's rule, Charik's ancestors claimed the temple as their own, and it has been serving as their palace ever since.

The throne room is one of the largest chambers in the old temple and, at some point in history, it had been a space used for various rituals by its people. Charik's throne, situated near the back of the room, had once been a stone table used for sacrifices. Whether they were human sacrifices or animal, it's long since been forgotten, and any blood that had been spilled has long since been washed away. The table itself has been rebuilt to be given a throne-like shape, and its length is well suited for a naga body.

The rest of the palace is spacious with many different chambers, enough for each member of the harem to have a room of their own with plenty left to spare, not to mention a servant's quarters and quarters for the guards stations there, storage rooms, kitchen, and bath house. Located at the rear of the temple is an open space, an indoor patio of sorts with a large, open skylight and a large pool beneath that is half-shaded by rocks and plants.

The Harem

Charik's harem follows a strict hierarchy, and those who rank below another member must do what that member says. The higher ranked a member, the more privileges they're granted. Ranks are not decided in any formal way; it all depends on how favored they are by Charik. Currently, Sha-Razi is head of the harem.

The harem are all kept in the palace and may not leave it without permission from the head of the harem, or Charik. Officially, harem members are also not allowed to sleep with anyone outside of Charik unless he gives them permission, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. It must also be stressed that there are no wives, brides, or spouses in Charik's harem; they are all his lovers, but he is not married to any of them. There will also be no children born from any unions, as Charik is sterile. While he cannot have children, his heir will be chosen from any children his siblings produce and will be raised as his child.

The harem has free reign of the palace, and each member is given their own room for their privacy.

Currently, there are eight people in Charik's harem, men and women alike. He values beauty rather than sex or gender. While a number of his harem do frequent his bed, it is not a requirement and he would never force anyone. He values the company, companionship, and adoration as much as he values the pleasure.

Harem Members

She is the head of the harem

One of the newest members!

He doesn't realize he's a harem member yet. |: Silly thing.

A lazy naiad, Ziya spends 99% of his time in his pool, located in a large temple chamber. He never wears clothes except when forced for special occasions. He is morbidly vain and loves attention and compliments--which he also demands. He is intensely jealous of anyone who garners more attention than he does and he's prone to acts of cruelty in order to get attention, or eliminate competition. He has been known to drown servants that he felt were too beautiful. Technically, Ziya ranks high on the harem ladder as one of the oldest and most faithful members--but as he isolates himself, his rank doesn't really matter.